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14 May 2019
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Newsletter n° 121 [ENG]

PETITION for the immediate release of the 9 detainees in the context of the case of the Base Toliara project

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In order to ensure there are many of us calling together on the competent authorities for the immediate release of the 9 detainees mentioned above, the RSCDA-IO/CRAAD-OI invites you to sign the petition that you can access at following link : ;

The text of the petition is at the bottom of this message.

To sign, please click on the link, enter your Email address then click on Je signe

The site is asking for your contact information, but only the surname and the city (of the address) will be visible in the list of signatories.
The Email address, name et surname are required for the registration of the signature.

The site is asking you to make a donation, but if you do not want to do so, you can click at the bottom of the page on «  Je ne souhaite pas contribuer financièrement  »

Once you have signed, you will receive the message below in your mailbox, asking you to validate your signature :

« Maintenant, validez votre signature en cliquant ici ! »

The validation of the signature is the last step in signing the petition.

With advanced thanks and solidarity.


To the competent authorities


Nine inhabitants of the Benetse, Ampototse and Tsiafanoka villages, in the South Western region of Madagascar, have been arrested since May 2nd 2019 and placed under a detention warrant on May 9th 2019 following the decision of the Public Prosecutor in Fianarantsoa, to face charges of "wilful destruction of the Base Toliara company’s property, burning of movable objects and unarmed gathering not abandoned upon the announcement of summons." These nine detainees are :

1. Francklin RABEMANANJARA Edmond

2. Sosia Tsiasa

3. Nicolas Rajaonarivelo

4. Zazà

5. Tolomana Sasima dit Daody

6. Mborozy dit Redomo

7. Raphael

8. Ilaina Tovondrainy Martial

9. Hugo

We require their immediate release by signing this petition because :

  • these 9 citizens are part of the thousands of inhabitants of 17 communities (fokontany) of the Toliara II district, the majority of whom are farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen who have stood for many years against the Toliara Sands mining project, re-named Base Toliara since its acquisition by the Base Resources company in 2017, because the ilmenite exploitation planned by this company will destroy their livelihoods, environment and culture ;
  • These communities have expressed their opposition several times in various ways, but their opinion is not taken into consideration by the decision makers, in violation of their rights on their land and natural resources.
  • While they are anxiously awaiting the decision of the President of the Republic announced on March 15th 2019 by the Minister of Mines and Strategic Industries about an eventual end to the mining project, the Base Toliara company has continually provoked them in the media as well as in its various declarations ;
  • An investigation must be done on the events of April 17th 2019, because the only person who has claimed responsibility for the acts of vandalism against the Base Toliara project in front of the television camera has not been arrested

We claim respect for the rights of these 9 persons to fair and impartial justice, and the satisfaction of their demands.

9 May 2019